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      Read everything in Pink Put notes on every call
Important: The following script is not written in stone, but it works! You can adjust it to your personality, just don't lie!
Also, never ever ask for Mr. or Mrs.... Always ask for the prospect by their first name if you have it... Act like you already know them! Most importantly, do not sound like a robot! Before making your first call, practice the script out loud at least 25 times (Including the Objections and Rebuttals and Bullet Points) and review our website thoroughly. If you want to role play with Chuck Christopher before making any calls, just let him know.  Also, our service is a no-brainer because we save clients both time and money. No hard selling is necessary or allowed, so if the prospect is really not interested just move on to the next one.   
Telephone Script:
Hi (Customer First Name), my name is ( Lorenzo ) with Remote Appointment Setter and I was calling to see if you personally made cold calls and set your own appointments? Would it be okay if I emailed you some info on, we created the site last year so insurance agents never have to make cold calls again. You simply log into our site and instantly access our directory of over 150 Experienced, Home-Based, AMERICAN, Appointment Setters. If you're in front of a computer, I really just need a quick minute to show you the site and an example of a Remote Caller Profile? 
Voicemail Script:
Hi (Customer First Name), this is (Your Full Name) with Remote Appointment Setter and last year we created so insurance agents NEVER have to make cold calls again. You simply log on to our site and instantly access our directory of over 150 Experienced, AMERICAN, Home-based, Cold Calling, Appointment Setters. About 1/3 of the callers will work on a commission basis meaning that you can pay them per appointment instead of hourly. Please visit and call me directly at (Your Phone Number) if you have any questions. Thank you! 
If No Or Not right now: Is there a day or time that works better for you i can call back? Or  I can send you some information to your email in case you change your mind. What is your email address?
If customer does not want to give email just say" Thank you for your time and have a great day !!! Hung Up put notes in the form below and submit. Go to next call 
If Yes: The website is (Please type it into your address bar and NOT in Google Search). Let me know when you're there... You should see a girl with a headset on and a yellow background. Please scroll down to where you see the guy in the video, he's our president and founder, click on the video, its only about 60 seconds long and will save us both a lot of time. (After video is over, continue...) Now, I just want to show you two more things. Above the video, there is a blue link that says "Remote Caller Profile", please click on that link. You can how this example profile shows the Remote Caller's name, phone, email, their experience, if they hold any licenses... And towards the bottom of their profile, it shows whether they are okay with being paid commission only, hourly or a combination of both and their availability. About 1/3 of the callers will work on a commission basis, meaning that you can pay them a set amount for each appointment they set for you and maybe a bonus if you close the sale. Also, back on our home page, it shows the number of available remote callers each day, for example, there are _____ available today. So, It just makes sense economically to spend $99 once a year on a membership with us and just log in whenever you need an experienced appointment setter, instead of wasting time and money creating ads, possibly multiple times a year, weeding through long resumes, or making your own cold calls... Listen (First Name of Prospect), if you only found one good caller out of the 145 plus in our directory, your membership would pay for itself many times over. Wouldn't you agree? 
If Purchasing Directory Access Membership now: Okay great, on our homepage above the video, it says "To Purchase an Annual Directory Access Membership for only $99.00", please click on the red "Click Here" link. In the middle of the page, where it says  type in exactly how you heard about us, please type in my first name which is (your name), your company name, your full name, your email address and then just click on the yellow "BUY NOW" button in the center of the page and you can either pay with a credit card or use your PayPal account. You will receive your welcome email and directory access password within the next 24 hours, but most likely by the end of today. Thank you for your time and have a great day! 
If Think About It: No problem, is it okay if I send you an email with the link to our site and my contact info? Get their full name, email address, direct phone number/extension and send them the following email EXACTLY as shown below and DON'T FORGET TO TELL THEM TO CHECK THEIR SPAM!  " Also check your spam "
Also if you have any Questions dont hesitate to call me at 267-252-6079 ....Thank you and have a Great Day !!!
          Objections and Rebuttals:
Our Agents Set Their Own Appointments!
Well, the last thing insurance agents should be doing is setting their own appointments with prospects. They should be laser focused on selling! 
Do You Offer A FREE Trial? 
No, because once you login to our directory, you instantly have access to all of our remote caller profiles, So, it’s not like we can take that information back from you. It would be like buying an ice cream cone, eating it and then asking for a refund! Basically, there is no need for a free trial because we guarantee that you will find plenty of experienced appointment setters, ready to start making calls the moment you log in. 
How Many Appointment Setters Do You Have in your directory?
The number of available Remote Callers in our directory is listed on our home page and it's updated daily. We also add new Remote Callers on a daily to weekly basis..    
Do You Have A Monthly Plan Available?
No, because a Directory Access Membership is only $99 a year, about the same price of a couple job postings on Craigslist or any other major job posting site. But unlike other sites, we guarantee that you will find plenty of experienced appointment setters, ready to start making calls the moment you log in. Our membership pays for itself the first time you use it!
How Old Is Your Company? was started about a year ago and is a division of CKM Products which is a 6 year old company out of New Jersey. Chuck Christopher, a 25 year veteran of the financial services and insurance industry started it. You can read more about us on that section of our website if you want.
Do You Take Checks?
No, we accept PayPal and Credit Cards on our site.
Important Script Bullet Points:
 Remember, send prospects to the Example Remote Caller’s Profile on our site! 
 All Remote Callers are based in the USA!
 The total average calling experience for all Remote Callers listed on our site is about 12 years, A few have less than one year, but none less than 6 months experience.
 All Remote Callers have their own equipment to make calls, but they can log into your system if you wish.
 Some Remote Callers are bilingual and speak Spanish or other languages.
 Remote Callers specialize in Cold Call Appointment Setting, Telesales and Lead Generation including making (B2B) Business to Business and (B2C) Business to Consumer Calls. But, they can also do surveys and other things you might need. 
 All Time Zones Are Covered.
 Some Remote Callers hold insurance, securities, real estate licenses, or other designations or degrees.
 Since we have Remote Caller’s from across the USA, we have most accents covered. Why does this matter?                                                       For Example: If my business is located in the deep South, do I really want to utilize the services of someone with a New York accent? And vice versa. Maybe, maybe not.
 Some Remote Callers have no minimum initial number of calling hours and others do.
 Some Remote Callers will work part-time (As little as 4 hours a week) and others full-time. (30 to 40 hours plus)
 Remote Caller compensation is between you and the caller, but acceptable methods include: Hourly, Commission Only, Hourly Plus Commission. About 1/3 of our callers will work on a commission basis meaning that you can pay them per appointment set. For example, for every appointment a caller sets, you pay them $25 or $50 and then if you close the sale, a bonus of $25, $50 or more...  
 Our Remote Caller Directory grows daily to weekly, we add new Caller Profiles on an ongoing basis.
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