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My Name is ( Agent Name ) i am local business owner with Value Merchant Services. The reason i ( stopped by or calling today is that we have a special program design specifically for ( Company ) that will  allow you to take advantage of payment processing.


Im just curious who are you using for your payment processing needs or to process credit cards ?


Overcoming Objections - when someone concern about pricing to high or dont want to swith


So you feel like you will be losing money ?


If Customer Say No Agent say " Mr or Mrs Last name its been a real  pleasure talking to you today i dont want to take up a lot  of your time. what i would love to do with your permission is i would like to contact you back in a couple of days and give you some free imformation about our solution and program can improve your business base on the information you so kind to provide to me today. Im sure you wouldnt mind if i stop by to drop off that free information in a couple days 

ok great thank you so much i would like to take 10 minutes of your time to go over some information with you will this thursday be a good time to go through the information to show you how our solutions can benefit your business


If customer Say Yes or OK read the next paragraph


Great , i really appreaciate that now the only other thing is obviously / i will need to complete the call analysis is the copy of the recent credit card processing statement ..Do you have one handy or should i pick that up later in the week ?



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