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No, I dont need that Insurance "

Well, it looks like your information was inputted on our website. Perhaps a loved one was looking at insurance for you. Is that the case?"


Well, while i have you on the phone, let's get you some quotes. It will only take a few minutes."


I already have insurance. 

That's great! Let's see if you have the best possible coverage and price, while i have you on trhe phone. Who are you with now?"


I'm busy right now, can you call me back?

"This really doesn't take long at all, and we'll get you the quotes now. Do You currently have life insurance?"


I can't afford insurance right now. i dont have a job.

"Not a problem at all. We're just looking to provide you with quotes so when you can afford it, you'll know what you qualify for."


Why do you keep calling me?

It's not our company that keeps calling. Your information must have been shared on multiple website. However, we are Assurance, the leading insurance service in America. Do you currently have life insurance?"


Oh, i was only filling out that survey to get a gift card. (or some variation of that.

"Great! i hope you win?But while you have me,let's see if you qualify. Do you  currently have {health, Life,medicare, auto} insurance





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