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Packages will be routed to your address. You will start receiving them in 3-4 business days. Remember, you need to check your Dashboard for updates at least twice a day.

Keep in touch for daily instructions. Please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance and any questions or concerns.


Kind regards,
Henri Julien | Manager Shipping Department

Direct number: (888) 510-1624

701 MCKEAN ST, Block C, Auburndale, FL-33823
(888) 403-0389

Mon-Fri 09:00AM-06:00PM EST
Sat-Sun Closed

For detailed illustrations on the steps on how to process packages, please go to this link and study them.


Basically, just remember the 3 rules:

** Rule number 1. Please log in to the dashboard at least 3x a day (Monday- Friday).

** Rule number 2. When the package is delivered, make sure to report package as RECEIVED and upload the photo of the item and invoice in the Dashboard within 3 hours from the time you received the package.

** Rule number 3. Rule number 3. Make sure to ship out the package the same day the shipping label is given. After shipment, secure the receipt and upload a photo of it in the Dashboard


Lastly, this is very important.

When you receive your package, Please only open the shipping box(brown box) and take a photo of the

manufacturer/product box showing the picture of the item. 

NEVER open manufacturer/product box not unless instructed.


Please check attachment on 'How to Handle a Package'.



Again, welcome to the company and good luck on your first packages!




Kind regards,

Roseline Bouchard | Shipping Department


Direct number: (888) 510-2937



701 MCKEAN ST, Block C, Auburndale, FL-33823

(888) 403-0389


Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-6: 00PM EST

Sat-Sun Closed

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