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 Outbound Script

All scripting in black is what the Credit Consultant Agent reads to customer

All scripting in blue is for your information and guide



Good morning / Good afternoon/ Good evening, this is (Agent Name) calling from Work at Home PBC Credit Repair. Just called to see if you need help with raising your credit score. We can help fix your credit and bring it up where it needs to be.

Do you need help with fixing your credit?


No Do you have any questions about your credit report have you notice any collections on your credit or any negative items you want to get taken off your credit report? Have your credit dropped or do you have bad credit?

Not Interested Thank you for your time have a great day


If customers says " Can you Call back? / I am Driving 

Have to talk to wife or husband first / 

Agent will Say" What is a good day and time to call back? 
Click Here(Call Back)


Yes Are you seeing a collection on your credit report?  Can you see the balance?

Once we verify the collection or creditor, Are you looking to pay it or get it remove from your credit report?

I never caught your first name?

Ok, [Client’s Name], when it comes to situations like this, you essentially have two options:

  • The first option, paying it, might make sense…but it's a bad idea if you want to improve your credit score. Paying a collection removes the balance, but it still stays on your credit report for 7 years from the day you pay it... That's what hurts your score drastically, not the balance... 


  • The next option is disputing a collection from your report. If a collection is removed from your report, it will no longer be visible and your score will likely increase.


  • Because when errors are disputed and not corrected by the bureaus, federal law states the account must be removed. 

We use a system called (Indentity IQ) to pull up your credit report to see what’s hurting your credit score. It’s only a $1 to pull up your credit report and you will need to call to cancel so you wont be charge $19.99. The phone number we have is 000-000-0000 is that a good number?

May I have the last 4 digit of your social? Just sent you a sms link to your phone can you click on that please. Thanks got it.

I need to ask you some questions to verify some information (In IDIQ)(Verify questions). May I have your credit card number, expiration date and security code on the back of the card.

(Please ask for email address and use Credit123! For password.)


(Pull up credit Report and explain Name, Address shown going across all 3 credit bureas. If name, Address or additional addresses not the same we gonna dispute it. Or if customer not living at additional addresses and dates not the same we must dispute to delete from credit report. Search for Collection Agencies and Creditors for negative items to be disputed.)



To dispute the collections and negative items on your report you will be charged $75.00 monthly  to the same card you provided today is that correct?



(Once payment is entered through PAYPAL ) 

Agent say " Thank you for your payment. You will receive an email with information to log into your Credit Office on our website that will keep you updated on the progress of your credit report. And before we go, do you have any other questions? Our number to reach us is ‪(816) 343-4480‬

Thank you for becoming a Work At Home PBC Credit Repair customer and you have a great day! Good bye!



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