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      Questions And Answers 

Please Read Groups Carefully 

Understand what your reading 

If you have questions please contact Human Resources 


Questions and Answers
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         Getting Started With WAHPBC


The First Step:

     Please view entire company Website click and read every Tab: 
     Go to the “Forum “In the Questions And Answers  Page on our company website click topic that would answer your questions 
     If you are serious about working with us complete an Application at Or email Human Resources at  type “Yes “ 
in the Subject Line and send to HR 



The Second Step :


        You will be sent an email for a scheduled online Interview . The link is found on this Question And Answer

 •      Interview Online Below  :

2nd Room Interview  Online :  

  After reading this. You will schedule an interview process with one of the interviewers once hired you will receive an email “Congratulations You are Hired “ 
        Human Resources will send you an email of your New Company email account and user / password log in information.  Agents will only use Company email account for this Business No personal email and receive Agent Self Service Portal Password to log into the Portal to check payroll and much more 
     In your New company email account click on Yammer message and register for 
     Your Yammer/WAHPBC user and password will be the same as your Company email account 
        Once Agents are Register in the Yammer / WAHPBC Call Center you will upload a legal photo into your profile for security purpose. Please use Yammer/WAHPBC to interact ask questions in the Yammer 
/WAHPBC one of the representatives will respond to all questions 
You will receive Training video to get yourself educate on how to work your business 
For some projects you will be trained and attend a online or Phone meeting 


The Third Step : 

      Your start date of work will be given to you by the representative in the Yammer Or Human Resources will send you an email   
        Agents submit and fill out all Time Sheets accurately every Friday And Saturdays before you start your next work week shift 
      Please click on Forum to have your questions answered at all Times or chat with representative in The 
YAMMER -  Social Media Call Center 

      Agents have access to Self Service Portals scripts and training Videos at:  

Agents have access to the Call Flow Script to help lead you throw the call 
Agents Have access to Time Clock to clock in  and out recording your scheduled times for some projects 
Agents can check their progress by clicking " Agent Progress " 
Agents have access to Documents , Training and Videos , Tutorials 


             WAHPBC Interview Links

To schedule an online Interview Simply send an email to Human Resources at 


  1. Click Here: 1st Interview Room Online
  2. Click Here: 2nd Interview Room Online

              How are Agents " PAID "



You are paid on signing people up for our services for some projects 
You are paid Cents , Hourly , Commission  Or Residual income for some projects 

Sales Outbound Specialist Only 
For some projects you are automatically paid for Call Backs and Voice Mail Messages are $0.5 cents 
Commissions can range from $50.00 up to $200.00 weekly varies
Residual income can range from $20.00 up to $300.00 per customer varies

For Ad posters and Sales Representatives You are paid Starting at  $5.00 up to $100 or more a sale every week  plus $3.00 up to $50.00 in residual income per customer meaning you will receive 2 paychecks 
Residual is paid out at the end of each month as long as your customers are retaining customers 
Some Projects pay you $50 to $100 automatically weekly plus commission 

You can earn $300 to $1000 or more each week working your own Business 

We pay you Direct Deposit into bank account, Paypal, Netspend, Cashapp, Zelle or Paper Check depends on the Campaign projects
Paper Checks are mailed out either US Postal Service, UPS Ground Or FEDEX every week or bi/weekly depends on campaign projects.

Hourly Paid Agent 

If Agents are paid Hourly Rate paychecks will be deposited every week or Bi/weekly 
You will be paid $5.00 to $10.00 per hour based on the projects you work it varies depending on campaign projects.

Please make sure all contact information is correct for Payroll 
All Agents must make sure you send HR your payroll information in order to receive prompt payment. 

You can respond here if you have any questions and Human Resources will reach out to you.


              Qualifications and Duties


Qualifications Below :
• Must have PC Windows 7, Windows 8 Or any working PC of any brand with 1 to 2 Giga bite or more of Memory Ram 
• Internet Explore 8 is acceptable and IE 9 for some projects 
• Must have an active virus protection on PC 
• Must have Microsoft Word Doc and Excel Spreadsheet 
• Must be able to download files 
• Customer Service Or Sales experience we will train 
• Must be comfortable dialing numbers outbound and talking on the phone 
• Must have PC speakers and a microphone or headset for PC 
• Must have computer internet knowledge sometimes not necessary 
• Need to know Programs Systems, Microsoft Word and Excel we will train 
• Must pass the Online Interview session in order to get hired as a W.I.C Agent to become your own boss as a Independent Contractor 
• Must Pass Exam with a 80 percent score or higher for some projects it varies  
Duties when working for us :

• Must clock in and out daily for shift in order to get paid 
• Paid Training for some campaign projects it varies 
• Must start shift on time 
• Check messages online website when off work or working, check daily and all day until shift is completed 
• Check your company email messages in your email account provided by your Manager or Assistant Manager 
        Please call customers in a customer service professional tone 
        When calling customers please greet by introducing  your name and the company name 
        If a customer is not interested Thank the customer for their time and hang up the call and start a new call . Always look at each call as a sale call 
        Please call customers back when asked with time and date   
• Make sure all employees proof read online messages and reply back in comments 
• Schedule time for shifts 1 week ahead for some businesses 
• Be professional at all times 
• Contact your coach or Supervisor through chat when its available   
• Schedule days off ahead of time when you have accumulated vacation time 
• Must be able to attend meetings when scheduled 
• Work projects subject to change 
• Send message online and email account or call support when there is an emergency! 



Proven customer support experience or experience as a client service representative 
Building a book of Business 
Strong phone contact handling skills and active listening 
Familiarity with Customer Service, Marketing  and Sales 
Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters 
Excellent communication and presentation skills 
Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively 
High school Diploma Or College Degree but not necessary 

Questions with this post please email Human Resources



These are not Jobs here  but business opportunities for those who want to own their own business and work remotely from home 


We mostly focus on hiring Candidates who are serious about owning their own business. This is not a 9 to 5 Job But you can work as a 9 to 5 contractor


Those who looking for a hourly rate work at home Job this is not the company for you. We only hire Agents who want to earn commissions and residual income 


Our Agents specifically call outbound to Businesses or Consumers 

We will have Inbound Customer service opportunities when they arrive 


Agent must have USB headset and Laptop with Microsoft Word installed


View Open, Pending or Hiring Opportunities we are partnered with in the

Opportunities Tab at: Click Here To View Opportunities 


                       Closed message means its Not Available ( N/A )

                     Pending messages means soon to be Available ( S/A )    



        Commission Base opportunities



Commission Base Jobs - Available

We will get Inbound Hourly Opportunities as they arrive which is very little please check opportunity Tab or click on Opportunities in the Forum 

Mostly we deal with hiring Candidates who serious about owning their own Business working from home 

For Ad posters and Sales Representatives You are paid Starting at  $5.00 up to $100 a sale every week  plus $3.00 up to $50.00 in residual income per customer meaning you will receive 2 paychecks 
Residual is paid out at the end of each month as long as your customers are retaining customers 
Some Projects pay you $50 to $100 automatically weekly plus commission 

You can earn $300 to $1000 or more each week in commissions $$$ working your own Business 

We pay you Direct Deposit into bank account, Pay pal, Netspend Or Paper Check 
Paper Checks are mailed out either US Postal Service, UPS Ground Or FEDEX every week 

Hourly Paid Agent -

If Agents are paid Hourly Rate paychecks will be deposited every week or Bi/weekly 
You will be paid $5.00 to $10.00 per hour based on the projects you work 




Work At Home Pastor Bless Club ( WAHBPC ) 
Professional Business Center is a small non-profit Outsource online virtual  center has been around since 2005 
Was founded in the Year 2001 known as Pastor Bless Club  by C.E.O Lorenzo Hargrove who worked over 10 years as Customer Service Representative , Professional Sales , Entry level , Telemarketing , Marketing , Administrative ,  Office Management and much more for Over 10 years and still growing strong . 
WORK AT HOME PBC stands out from the rest with our many years of experience in the industry and a caring, highly professional approach. The breadth of our knowledge and services we offer are sure to please even the most discerning of customers.

           Free Agent Verses Paid Agent


 Free Agent Verses Paid Agent 

Become a Free Agent :   Simply you would apply at You would go through the steps in the process sent as an attachment FROM  Free Agents are only paid Bonuses, free cash according to work effort and it is evaluated by the Recruiter who hired you through Work at home P.B.C.   
Free Agents only have limited access to our Benefits that we offer verses a Paid Agent but still can work their own business. 
Free Agents can upgrade anytime to become a Paid Agent means to invest into the Business 

Become a Paid Agent :  Simply means once a Candidate has paid or invested into the business now it becomes their own business . And they have access to all the benefits that the company offers . Paid agents have access to owning their own website with back office and materials. Paid Agents are paid much more in commissions , residual , bonuses and free cash verses a Free Agent

                     Is This Legit ?


Work At Home P.B.C. Is for Sure LEGIT !!! 

View Company Website :

We have been in business since 2005 and growing strong 

We are not BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) 

We are a Non-Profit Organization therefore BBB does not approve Non-Profit Organization 

If Agents follow the rules of the business they will see great success 

If Agents are not active working  will promote cancellation of their contract 

We only pay serious Agents who want to become their own boss owning their business 

This is not a Job its a Business Opportunity 
So if your just looking for a hourly Job this will not be the company for you 

We Pay Agents commission , Residual , Bonus paychecks and according to Work EFFORT 
We send Agent who work hard free Cash deposit into their bank account or paychecks


We are a Business Licensed Company with the State Of Pennsylvania

Business License
ViewLicenseWAHPBC (1).pdf
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Leads are Free by the Company also Agents can buy their own leads for their business 

If leads are not available Agents need to reach out to HR Or look for their own leads 

Without Leads you do not have a Business 

We here at WORK AT HOME P.B.C. get Thousand of leads daily or Monthly . 

We provide our Agents with 100 to 5000 leads as needed 

We Provide a production Sheet for our Agents 

Leads  are uploaded to Agent Self Service Room 

All agents must request more leads as they see fit for their Business

        (Scan QR Code) 

Hours Of Operation


Monday - Saturday

8am to 7pm est


Call Us At ‪(816) 343-4480‬


Office Closed on Sundays


Human Resources can be reached through email at


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